Rajeeyah Sweet Naturals wanted a commercial that could bring in more numbers to their brand. The owner asked for something that was exciting, groovy, and fun. After analyzing the request, we made a static and dynamic mood board that targeted a specific audience. 
Embrace The All Natural You Campaign is to outline the company's core values of using natural products to promote natural hair and hair health. 
The dynamic moodboard illustrated the look and feel of the actual commercial. 
The commercial was created shortly after the approval of the dynamic mood board. The voice actress had to perform a young, energetic but professional voice. This played to the idea of the commercial appealing to the Fun and Groovy aspect of the campaign. 
The Instagram adaptation made it easier to attract more people from the target audience. With the commercial being on social media, the project had to be more social informative. This strategy was planned to attract more people in the target audience's age group. 
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